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Allstar Dual Pass Radiator 19x28 - 30036 Allstar Performance
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Vendor Name: Allstar Performance
Line Code: ALL
Part Number: 30036
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Allstar Dual Pass Radiator 19x28 - 30036

  • Dual pass radiators circulate coolant across the top half of the radiator, then back across the bottom half, allowing up to twice the heat dissipation. These radiators offer the same features as standard Allstar aluminum radiators including furnace brazed tanks, two rows of 1" tubes, billet machined filler neck with overflow, standard 1-3/4" outlet and feature a universal inlet design to accept 1-1/2" standard hose, -16 or -20AN fittings (sold separately). Available in 24", 26", 28" and 31" overall widths (including tanks).
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