Brand Name: Racing Optics
Manufacturer Part Number: 10208CP

Perimeter Seal Tearoffs - Bell 287, Zamp Z20

Racing Optics - Helmet Shield Tear Off, Perimeter Seal, 2 mm Thick, 12-1/8 in Center to Center, Plastic, Clear, Bell / G-Force / RJS / Zamp Helmets, Set of 30 -10208CP

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    The Perimeter Seal system is the latest technology from Racing Optics which allows for a tighter seal to visor, blocking out dirt, dust and water from behind the stack. The XStack™ is a stack of 10 laminated Tearoffs that are 2 mil thick each. The laminated technology creates a distortion-free optical lens. Each package contains 3 stacks of 10 Tearoffs for a total of 30 Tearoffs. Clear. 

    Fits: (Bell: BR8, Dominator.2, GTX.2, GP.2, GP.2 Youth, M.8, 287 Shield, Star GP, Star Infusion) / (Zamp: FS-2, Z-15 Shield, Z-20 Shield, Z-70, FS1.2 RZ) / (RJS) / (G-Force: Revo, Rift, Rookie)